Zack Ryder (Matt Cardona) Unveils New Internet Championship Design

Zack Ryder, AKA Matt Cardona

Back in 2011 Zack Ryder was briefly one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE.

His then ground-breaking YouTube show, ‘Z True Long Island Story’ was a genuine sensation and led to Ryder (now known as Matt Cardona) declaring himself the Internet Champion, complete with title belt.

It was a truly fun gimmick and one many wish WWE had made more of a big deal out of at the time.

Fast forward to 2020 and a newly released Cardona tweeted this week to tease an announcement regarding his old Internet Championship.

Fans immediately began to speculate that the tease would be leading to the unveiling of a brand new belt.

And they were right. Yesterday, Cardona showed off the first pictures of the newly designed title belt.

Featuring his real name and his new ‘Alwayz Ready’ catchphrase, the new design seems to have gone down well with fans.

One thing it doesn’t include, unlike the original, is a set of logos of various internet brands such as Twitter and YouTube. It’s a smart move as it will take away the copyright issues around those logos that likely played a part in WWE not featuring the belt on television back in the day.

Cardona, along with the rest of the superstars released on ‘Black Wednesday on April 15th are now free of their 90 day no-compete clauses and are available to work for other companies. Several of those stars showed up already on Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary PPV.

It remains to be seen where Cardona will show up but speculation is rife that his landing spot could be AEW and it could be as soon as this coming week.

As soon as we know, you woo woo woo will know it too.

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