WWE’s T-Bar Engages In Twitter Battle With Chris Jericho…Not Likely To End Well For RETRIBUTION Member

Credit: WWE

It is events like this that the famous ‘popcorn eating’ GIF were made for.

Dominic Dijakovic (Now known as T-BAR) has been attempting to explain why his RETRIBUTION faction have all of a sudden been given storyline contracts by WWE, despite the faction’s sole mission being to destroy the company.


It’s a bold attempt to make sense of the nonsensical, but accusing fans of overthinking it is not going to do much for the credibility of the argument defending one of the many plotholes surrounding WWE’s introduction of the stable.

Fans’s predictably piled in on this tweet. It also attracted the attention of a former AEW World Champion…

It is fair to say, Jericho spoke for many of us. Instead of leaving it there, Dijakovic decided to ‘go there’ by responding to Jericho by echoing the criticism of a recent Fozzy concert that proved something of a COVID-19 flashpoint.


This is really, really not going to end well is it? As well as electing to make it super personal with one of the quickest minds in wrestling, he has also chosen to invoke the most serious global plight in many generations to further a public spat and make his character look edgy.

And here was us thinking RETRIBUTION couldn’t possibly sink any lower…

This spat will do nothing to endear T-BAR to fans and can only end with a storm of abuse and possibly a stinging rebuke from his employers.

We wait with baited breath to see the next chapter in this budding feud and also to find out whether RETRIBUTION truly is as horrendous a misstep as it seems, or a genius attempt by WWE at a post-modern deconstruction of their own storylines through a meta attempt at at ironic expression.

Or something…

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