WWE’s Surprising New Retro Range – Which Do You Want?

WWE Rookie Collection Merchandise

Everyone loves a bit of cool merchandise. This time, WWE seemed to have pulled something you wouldn’t expect to see on their official range out the bag.

The new “Rookie Collection” may only consist of six shirts, however the big deal is they reference the past monikers of their stars – even linking the names in the product title.

With “Sexton Harcastle”, “Terra Ryzing” and “The Ringmaster” plus more in this initial round, it seems like it could be a dip in the water of a new market, and one which could be very profitable for the company.

The “Rookie Collection” idea seems to play off the popularity of baseball cards in the US, where getting the card of a rookie who then comes good can be a huge deal.

Knowing what these “rookies” have gone on to do, it is likely that once fans return to events around the world, these shirts will feature prominently.

The question is, at £24.95 a shirt, which will you go for?

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