WWE Unveil Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior Branded Wines

WWE Wine

While we still don’t have the return of WWE Ice Cream Bars demanded by CM Punk nine years ago, World Wrestling Entertainment have released something perhaps even more awesome.

Introducing WWE Wines, which for the time being comprise of two variations: Undertaker and Ultimate Warrior.

The newly-launched website offers various bulk deals featuring a combination of the two, a 2018 cabernet sauvingnon (Undertaker) and a 2019 Zinfandel (Warrior).

It appears as if they’re available in the United States only for the time being, but you never know: perhaps UK and European shipping is possible sooner rather than later, if they sell well. Or perhaps we’re getting a Drew McIntyre and Rowdy Roddy Piper branded whiskies instead.

While we at Hooked On welcome any boozy and/or sugary treats with wrestlers splashed all over them, we do however have to question the decision to have WWE’s writing team moonlight as taste testers.

That is, after all, the only way to explain away certain recent creative decisions – including Monday’s ridiculous unveiling of the members of RETRIBUTION.

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