WWE Stars Rip In To Rapper Soulja Boy For “Fake” Wrestling Remark

Soulja Boy
Credit: Getty Images

Over the last few weeks, we have had a number of outside stars being mentioned by WWE (Cardi B) or stars via social media wanting to get in on the action.

Fresh off Bad Bunny and rapper/movie star Bow Wow, we have Soulja Boy getting in on the act. In case you can’t remember who he is, he had a hit back in 2007 called “Crank That”.

He used five words to get his point across…

It is safe to say this tweet did not go down well with WWE superstars and others, with many calling the rapper out.


It was safe to say Randy Orton, who hasn’t been shy in giving his opinion on his social media channels, had a few choice words to say about Soulja Boy’s comments.

The Rapper did not bow down to Orton’s tweets and responded by telling him what he does is real.

It’s safe to say, WrestleMania season is in full swing!

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