WWE Sets Rules For This Week’s Draft

WWE Draft 2020

WWE have announced the rules for this week’s draft that will start on tonight’s episode of SmackDown and conclude on Monday on Raw.

The most obvious thing to note is that it seems NXT has been excluded from the process with only superstars and picks for the main roster being announced. The rules are as follows.

  • Each brand will receive one pick each round per hour of weekly programming. This means Raw will get three picks each round and SmackDown only two.
  • Superstars have been split into two pots (That can be seen on the graphic below), with pot 1 up to be drafted tonight on SmackDown and pot 2 to be picked from on Raw.
  • Tag teams and groups can be drafted as one pick unless either Fox or USA Network (Kayfabe wise) want to pick just one member.
  • Anyone not picked by either show on television will be declared a free agent and can be immediately picked up by either show.
Credit: WWE

As with last year’s draft, it certainly seems like WWE are treating the endeavour like a true sports-style draft rather than the lottery nonsense of previous years. Whilst fans will rightly be sceptical that they will stick to the split for long, they should be commended for at least presenting things in a serious fashion for the draft process itself.

Credit: WWE

Despite our complaining, we fans always get excited for the draft and the possibilities it throws up. Our colleague Lewis Brown wrote a wonderful three part column about who he would like to see go where recently. You can read this here in PART 1,PART 2 and PART 3.

Do you agree with his picks? Let us know which stars you want to see switch brands on Twitter at @HO_Wrestling.

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