WWE Set Designer Planning “Something Different” For WrestleMania 37


WWE WrestleMania is just a few short weeks away, and whilst the anticipation will mainly be about the matches one part which often gets looked is how unique the set design will be.

With last year being a bit of a damp squib with being stuck in the Performance Centre at the last minute, there will be high hopes for this year.

Jason Robinson, WWE’s Production Designer and Lighting Director, has talked to The Metro about the planning process he’s going through for the Raymond James Stadium.

Although he has kept his cards close to his chest, he has said we can expect “something different” this year.

A lot of sports fans around the world have just seen the stadium. So they know what it looks like. Now it’s our turn. We’re going in there to do something different. I don’t think it matters whether fans are seeing it again after the Super Bowl or for the first time with WWE, they are going to love what they see.

Robinson has also discussed when the work starts, stating WWE will be looking at the stadium plans six months before the event.

He also has an interesting way of walking round the stadium and making his markings.

My favourite thing is carrying Post-It notes around with me and sketching ideas. And those ideas sometimes come at three in the morning or in the show. As soon as I know that I’m in the right direction, that’s where the work because really fun.

Whilst we can hope the design for WrestleMania 37 is something epic, what was your favourite WrestleMania setup?

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