WWE Intercontinental Title Match Announced For SmackDown Next Week

Intercontinental Title Belt

After cheating to beat Sami Zayn via a roll up pinfall, Apollo Crews will get another shot at Big E’s Intercontinental Championship next Friday on SmackDown.

This will be a rematch of last week’s Intercontinental Championship match in which Crews almost took the title from Big E but couldn’t quite get the job done. Following last week’s show Crews appeared on Talking Smack where Paul Heyman shared his opinion on Apollo and his potential.

The first time we saw Apollo this week was backstage in WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns’ locker room. He seemed to be getting some guidance from Reigns before Heyman returned with information regarding Roman’s Championship match at the Royal Rumble PPV.

Later in the show Crews had a one on one match with Sami Zayn where the winner would earn a championship match against Big E. After Zayn tried to cheat to win (By holding on to Apollo’s tights) Crews decided to copy the idea and did the same back to Zayn, earning himself the victory and a Championship match next Friday.

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