WWE Confirms Return To New York City In Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden
January 23, 2015: The New York Knicks defeat the Orlando Magic, 113-106, at Madison Square Garden Arena in New York City.

With WWE’s touring schedule taking shape, you can now add New York City’s Madison Square Garden to the list of venues.

The iconic venue will play host to a live edition of WWE SmackDown on 10th September.

This marks the first event the company has run in the venue since a house show in December 2019.

Triple H has discussed the event whilst talking to the New York Post.

It’s just fitting for us to sort of go back there. For me personally, I almost feel like it’s the stamp at the end of this long, dark hallway we were in of COVID and just everything else.

Being able to go back to Madison Square Garden, where in many ways it began, WrestleMania and the history there and everything else, it’s just the perfect place.

It’s set to be a busy month for wrestling in New York, with AEW also set to present a show at the Arthur Ashe Stadium on 22nd September.

For many people a live wrestling event in Madison Square Garden will be a bucket list moment, and now you can start moving it back up the list again.

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