WWE Confirms Edge Triceps Injury: 8 Month Layoff Expected

Edge vs Randy Orton
Photo Credit: WWE

WWE has confirmed that as reported, Edge suffered a serious triceps injury during the main event of Backlash.

The match against Randy Orton, dubbed ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ was Edge’s first traditional 1-on-1 match in over nine years.

A triceps injury of the nature Edge has sustained would usually require recovery of around 8-9 months. Having occured so soon into his comeback at the age of 46, there is naturally speculation that Edge may not return from this injury.

Edge’s long-term tag team partner Christian returned to action this week on Raw with an unsanctioned match (well, kinda), also against Orton.

It remains to be seen how Edge’s injury affects plans that WWE might have had in place to further this story.

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