WWE Clash Of Champions: Randy Orton Vs. Drew McIntyre (C) Ambulance Match

In recent months ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton has been living up to that nickname, making names such as Shawn Michaels, Big Show and Christian victims of his vicious punt kick.

Another one to feel his boot was Drew McIntyre and the two decided the only way to settle this long standing feud was for one of them to be leaving Clash of Champions in an ambulance.

After an initial back and forth between McIntyre and Orton, Randy hit a low blow and followed it up with his draping DDT on the middle rope and got ready to carry on the assault but was grabbed by the ankle by a masked man at ringside.

Back for revenge, it turned out to be the Big Show who took Orton to the outside and delivered a vicious Chokeslam through the announce table which gave McIntyre the upper hand. He smirked at Randy and then began the beat down, taking it all the way to the ambulance which heroically took a Claymore for the Viper.

They fought their way backstage and Orton launched Drew into a wall which then gave way to a returning Christian to take his turn for revenge for what Randy had done to him previously before a referee tells Christian to leave.

McIntyre took the Legend Killer back to the ambulance and up on to the front where he tried to carry on punishing Orton but instead was slammed backwards onto the windscreen which shattered beneath him.

Both wrestlers end up on top of the ambulance where Randy has the upper hand and ends up with Drew hanging over the edge until Orton stomps on his hand causing him to fall to the floor. Out of nowhere, Shawn Michaels appeared behind Orton and delivered a Sweet Chin Music kick before calmly pushing him from the top of the vehicle.

An RKO would follow to McIntyre and Orton managed to get him into the back of the ambulance but couldn’t shut the door. An enraged Scotsman forced his way out and hit a huge Claymore, knocking the Viper senseless. Sensing victory Drew put Randy into the ambulance. Sensing revenge however, McIntyre set up and delivered a vicious punt kick before closing the doors for the win.

We then saw the driver was Ric Flair, because why not?

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