WWE Clash Of Champions: Jey Uso Vs. Roman Reigns (C)

Clash Of Champions 2020 - Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso

Already personal, this cousin vs. cousin main event was made even more so with champion Reigns blindsiding Jey Uso on Smackdown with a huge Superman Punch followed by him shouting and berating his family member and childhood friend.

Reigns came out with a slightly new look, coming to the ring shirtless, but brought with him his new found vicious and intense attitude. As soon as the match started Reigns dominated the Uso brother on the inside and the outside of the ring, using the ring apron and announce table to his advantage.

Back in the ring and Jey connected with a Samoan Drop out of nowhere with a close two count following. When Reigns got to his feet, Uso went for a Rikishi Splash in the corner but was met with a Superman Punch from Roman. A little bit of back and forth followed before Reigns got back in control and started to trash talk his cousin, telling him that this was the ass whooping he was talking about.

Jey Uso hit the Big Dog with a big chop across his body which was completely no-sold by Reigns, who retaliated by knocking Jey to the floor with a right hand. Managing to shove Reigns into the ring post, Jey began fighting back and clotheslined Reigns to the outside and followed it up with a suicide dive which sent the champion in to the barrier at ringside.

Back in the ring the Uso brother connected with an Enziguri kick and sent Roman to the outside then hit a second suicide dive, this time knocking Reigns off of his feet. Back in the ring and Reigns took Jey down with a vertical leaping leg drop (new move!) then covered him for a two count.

Following a quick flurry of offense, Jey hit his frogsplash finishing move but Reigns kicked out, hitting a low blow to Uso as he did so. Roman then hits a spear but refuses to go for the pin, instead he dragged his cousin in front of the camera and demanded that he tell everyone watching that Reigns is his Tribal Chief. Jey replied with ‘not today.

Roman Reigns then goes fully heel and starts to beat down on a prone Uso. When the referee tried to intervene he threatened him and tells him this is family business. The Big Dog again attacked Jey before his injured brother Jimmy made his way to ringside and tried to throw in the towel but Jey told him not to.

Roman resumed the attack on his cousin until finally Jimmy Uso threw in the towel to end the match and acknowledged Roman Reigns as his Tribal Chief.

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