WWE Allows Small Number Of ‘Real’ Fans To Attend Last Night’s Raw

NXT Performance Centre Socially Distanced Crowd
Photo Credit: WWE

Sportskeeda have reported that amongst the audience of trainees last night on WWE Raw were a small number of fans.

This would be the first time since mid-March that any fans at all have been allowed to attend a WWE event.

According to the report, first rumoured by Brian Alvarez, the fans were made up of a number of local fans and friends and family of some of the performers.

The reports say that these fans were tested in the same way as the NXT trainees who have made up the limited crowd at events in recent weeks.

WWE first began airing shows with no crowds with Smackdown on March 14th. Two weeks ago, they smartly began to take a leaf out of AEW’s book and used contracted development talent to provide some noise in the arena.

There is no word on when WWE will begin to progress to more significant crowds but the company is said to be ‘determined’ to hold SummerSlam in front of a real crowd either on it’s original August date or postponed until September.

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