World’s Strongest Brothers Invited For WWE Tryout

Tom & Luke Stoltman

One of the world’s strongest men, Tom Stoltman, has been interviewed on this week’s episode of Football Daft and reveals that the WWE have shown interest in himself and his brother.

Stoltman is officially Britain’s Strongest Man and recently finished second in the 2020 World’s Strongest Man competition in Florida. His older brother, Luke, is a five time winner of Scotland’s Strongest Man competition so it’s no surprise they’ve been getting interest from the wrestling world.

Speaking to presenters Chris Toal, Stephen Purdon, and ICW wrestling superstar Grado, the Scotsman had this to say:

“This is true. So, me and my brother got asked to the tryouts when they came to Germany for the European ones, but… I don’t know why we didn’t take them. I think we were doing some massive competition or something. We’ve messaged them a few times back and forward.”

Before his WWE Championship win over Randy Orton back in November, Drew McIntyre congratulated Stoltman for his performance in the World’s Strongest Man event.

The Stoltman brothers are regarded as the strongest siblings in the world and (with good reason) claim to be the “strongest brothers to have ever lived.”

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h/t to Inside the Ropes for the transcript!

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