William Regal Makes Two Major Announcements On NXT

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Photo Credit: WWE

Going into tonight’s NXT weekly event, general manager William Regal teased two major announcements and didn’t disappoint!

Firstly, we had the Number One Contenders Battle Royal match announced in which the winner would go on to face Io Shirai at NXT Takeover for the Women’s Championship.

11 women are shown on the graphic with Rhea Ripley front and centre and it will be fought under traditional Battle Royal rules, elimination occurs by being thrown over the top rope and both feet touching the floor.

Then there was announcement number two.

Finn Balor needs a challenger for his NXT Championship. William Regal noted that the NXT roster is ‘too stacked for a regular match’ to decide who that should be and so gave us this: a Gauntlet Eliminator Match next week on NXT.

The Gauntlet Eliminator will have two Superstars start in the ring with another coming in to the fray every 4 minutes. The only way to be eliminated is by pinfall or submission (so no disqualifications or count outs).

The last competitor standing will be crowned the new #1 contender and will earn a match for the NXT Championship against Finn Balor at Takeover on Sunday, October 4th.

Regal suggested the match would contain five competitors but graphics used by WWE subsequently suggested there could be more.

No wrestlers have officially been announced as yet for the match but we’ll be sure to update you as and when they are!

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