Why Will Footballers Be Acting Like Wrestlers Starting This Week?

Brock Lesnar WrestleMania Entrance

“Football’s Coming Back”. It would seem, however, they are taking a leaf out of wrestling’s playbook along with it.

We remember the lack of atmosphere and motivation for the recent shows with no fans, and football is set to be exactly the same.

According to Versus, an extra spark will be added to the matches with home teams will be allowed to play individual theme music when players score or are subbed on to the pitch.

This version of entrance music certainly has plenty of opportunities, and we expect wrestling themes to play at least some part in this.

The move is also designed to work as an intimidation tactic much like when a wrestler’s music hits, giving the home team an advantage like the home proportion of the crowd would have given them.

If we don’t see someone Hulking up as they come on to the pitch in the first few games, we’ll be very disappointed!

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