Who Is The WWE Smackdown Hacker?

SmackDown Hacker
Photo Credit: WWE

Over recent weeks, the subtle glitches and interruptions viewers noticed on Smackdown have developed into full blown vignettes featuring WWE’s newest whodunnit – The Smackdown Hacker.

The mysterious interloper has already made their presence felt in a major way by revealing the hidden videos to Mandy Rose that incriminated Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler in the plan to keep her and Otis apart.

But who the devil is it? Fans have had great fun sifting through videos, freeze framing, slowing down audio and generally doing their best amateur detective impressions.

Guesses have ranged from recently underused superstars such as Mustafa Ali and Chad ‘Shorty G’ Gable, through to some severe wishful thinking with cries that it is CM Punk. Don’t hold your breath on that one.

Will we get a reveal at all? Or is this going to be the next GTV or Anonymous Raw General Manager where the mysterious individual is used as a crutch to move other storylines forward, rather than being a specific person in their own right. It does seem we are inching towards a reveal so who knows?

Check out the latest video from our shadowy friend here:

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