Who Could Have Had Bray Wyatt’s Split-Personality Character In WWE?

The Fiend Bray Wyatt

Before Bray Wyatt started using his split-personality character on WWE television, it has come to light that a wrestler who in the past had been close to Wyatt on-screen had suggested something similar.

During a recent appearance on The Lewis Nicholls Show, Erick Rowan discussed how he had even trialled his idea for the new character on an episode of Talking Smack.

I’m obviously a huge fan of split personalities. I love that kind of character. I remember for the longest time, I pushed for myself to have a split personality with different masks. I had like 20 different masks. I remember I did a Talking Smack once where I tried a split personality character, and next thing I know, we’re the Bludgeon Brothers, but yes, being a fan of that sort of thing like horror movies, it’s cool to see them allow somebody to do that.

This episode also included Rowan discussing how he found his dealings with the WWE creative team frustrating, with suggestions often not used despite best efforts to put them forward.

The next destination for Rowan is not yet clear, as he will be dealing with a new creative team after being released by WWE along with so many other talents on 15th April.

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