When Will Roman Reigns Return To WWE? No Timeline In Place?

Roman Reigns

When will Roman Reigns return to WWE?

According to a report today on Fightful.com, nobody in WWE has any timeline in place for his return to the company.

A company source was quoted as saying:

He could head back in two weeks, two months, or be out indefinitely. Reigns is not figured into plans creatively at this point.

Reigns has been absent from WWE since before WrestleMania. The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic means travelling away from the home potentially exposes individuals to the COVID-19 virus.

With Reigns recently recovering from Leukaemia and with new born twins at home, he has made the decision not to be present at the Performance Center in Orlando for WWE Tv tapings until further notice. The source notes that despite recent reports to the contrary, nobody in the company faults him for it.

With no clear end to the pandemic in sight, it is reasonable to assume that we won’t see Reigns in WWE for medium to long term, possibly into 2021.

It’s a big blow to WWE who have lost one of their marquee full time talents in a period where they are understandably struggling with dwindling TV ratings and the decimation of a number of traditional revenue streams due to the virus.

A number of other talents are off of television at the moment mainly through an inability to travel for non-US residents or with talent, like Reigns, not being willing to work under the current circumstances. These talents making a personal choice to stay home include Sami Zayn who was last week stripped of the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

HOW of course wish ongoing good health to Reigns and his family. We will look forward to seeing him back on TV when the international health situation improves.

WWE insist that talent safety comes first and nobody will be forced to work against their will.

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