Wade Barrett Hints At In Ring Return

Wade Barrett

New NXT Commentator was a guest on this week’s Gorilla Position podcast where he made it clear that he doesn’t consider himself officially retired from the ring. Could there be another match or two in his future? In his own words:

“I never retired from the ring. My focus at the moment is 100% purely in broadcasting and working in the NXT and telling stories verbally. I will tell you there is some gas left in the tank. That’s not to say 100% I will be back in the ring. Maybe I never will. But if the right opportunity presents itself at the right time, then I could see something happening.”

Whilst this by no means signals a definite return to the ring, he certainly leaves the door open for that possibility. His work in the NXT commentary booth is already receiving rave reviews but with the former Nexus leader being out of action since 2016, there is a plethora of superstars that would present intriguing matchups for the British grappler.

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