Update On Angel Garza’s Injury At WWE Clash Of Champions

Angel Garza with Selina Vega
Angel Garza with Selina Vega - Credit: WWE

It seems as if Angel Garza’s injury during the Raw Tag Team Championship match at WWE Clash Of Champions wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

The contest was cut short by the referee after Garza suffered an injury, where he could then be seen being treated by medics afterwards.

It seems now, however, that whilst he suffered a quad tear which can keep some competitors out for an extended period it is likely Garza will be back in a matter of weeks.

He confirmed this in a recent YouTube video.

They told me to get an MRI and I got the results and thankfully, it wasn’t anything involving the tendons or with my hip as some outlets have reported. It was a quad tear and we already began treatment. I’ve been putting ice on it and bandages for the tear. Right now, I just came from an evaluation and we have been advancing through it incredibly. Thank God I just started to feel good. I still have more evaluations to do, but if all goes well, I think I might be out from a week to maybe 15 days. Thank God that it wasn’t anything long-term like five or six months.

This is very fortunate, and it seems now that the injury only happened from an innocuous encounter and not landing from the Spanish Fly as had originally been rumoured.

Instead when he caught a kick, he knew that something serious had gone wrong.

That’s when I heard a small pop, like a balloon exploding. Everything around that area started to get really hot and when I tried to move the leg, I had that tension close to my groin and it was my quadriceps, almost reaching my hip. That’s what I felt. The referee came to me and asked if I can continue and I said no. I remember giving Andrade the tag and he asked me what’s wrong and I tell him that I can’t go anymore.

Thanks to Fightful for the transcription.

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