Undertaker: ‘I Considered Signing For WCW’

The Undertaker

As we gear up for the last chapter of ‘The Last Ride’ dropping on Sunday (Titled Revelation. Hmmm…), more Undertaker interviews are dropping.

At this point, I believe ourselves and Horse & Hound are the only media outlets on the planet not to have got ‘Taker on a Zoom chat yet…

Anyway, setting aside our disappointment in that, Mark Calaway made an appearance on the Notsam Wrestling podcast hosted by WWE personality Sam Roberts.

Roberts was keen to ask Calaway about a number of ‘What ifs’ in his career. Maybe the biggest of those is ‘what if ‘Taker had jumped to WCW’

The mere thought was once considered an impossibility. Undertaker was the absolute pillar of Vince McMahon’s organisation. The one guy that could not be tempted south by Ted Turner’s riches, Eric Bischoff’s sales pitch and a shedload of time off.

It turns out that was correct but surprisingly, it wasn’t completely clear cut. According to ‘Taker himself, he considered it. The Deadman said:

“Yeah, there was a time I was so frustrated with our creative direction. We had a bunch of really goofy characters. They (WCW) are down there doing real angles. It was common knowledge that they opened up the chequebook. I was hearing guys talking about the money they are making. You would be able to get a good cheque and stay at home most of the time. Those thoughts were there. But, when it got down to it, I said I can’t.

Obviously I’m not the best businessman but something inside me said you can’t leave here. One, when I was there, and although the management had changed at this point, I went in to renegotiate a contract. I had been there for 8 or 9 months. My deal was coming up. I was trying to get a little bump in the money.

I was on the bare minimum deal. I wasn’t looking to break the house. I went in and met with Jim Herd, Ole Anderson, and Jim Barnett. They looked at me straight in the eyes, and said you are a great athlete, but nobody will ever pay to see you wrestle.

My loyalty to Vince was stronger than the short term cash I could have made if I left.”

One thing that has been illustrated repeatedly on ‘The Last Ride’ is Undertaker’s strong relationship with Vince McMahon. The two men clearly have a bond much deeper than employee and employer and the loyalty both men showed each other is the foundation a relationship like that is built on.

‘The Last Ride’ Chapter 5: Revelation drops on Sunday 21st June at 3PM UK time, only on the WWE Network.

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