Two New Matches Added To WWE Fastlane Following Raw

WWE Fastlane Logo

With Fastlane now only days away, WWE took the opportunity to add two intriguing new matches to the card on this week’s episode of Raw.

The first match announced sees Braun Strowman face off with Shane McMahon. Technically this is a rematch from Raw where McMahon enraged the Monster Among Men by dousing him with green paint and attempting to mock his perceived stupidity.

With both men only recently returning to Raw, the expectation was that they were setting up a match for WrestleMania. This may still be the case of course, but the road to get there will go through Fastlane.

The other match announced was another surprise for very different reasons. Randy Orton will seemingly face Alexa Bliss in an intergender match.

To say men vs. women matches in WWE are rare would be a colossal understatement and the strong likelihood is that this match ends up more of an angle than a match. Clearly the endgame is The Fiend returning to take on Orton, most likely at WrestleMania and this ‘match’ should move us towards that goal.

The Fiend has not been seen on screen since being set on fire by Orton at the conclusion of the ‘TLC: Tables, Ladders And Chairs’ PPV in December. Since then, Bliss has continued the feud with Orton on a weekly basis and has kept his name on everyone’s lips.

WWE Fastlane takes place on Sunday March 21st and will be WWE’s first big event under their deal with the streaming service Peacock in the USA. The show will be broadcast live on WWE Network elsewhere in the world.

Everything you need to know about this week’s PPV can be found here with our handy explainer guide.

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