Two More ‘Major Announcements’ To Come From William Regal On NXT

William Regal

WWE have confirmed via Twitter that Wednesday’s edition of NXT will come with two ‘major’ announcements from general manager William Regal.

Earlier today, the date for the next Takeover event was confirmed as October 4. WWE doesn’t usually tease announcements only to echo things that have already been revealed, so perhaps Regal’s announcements will pertain to the main event of that show, or perhaps something completely different.

It has recently been rumoured that NXT will move from Wednesday to Tuesday on a permanent basis, ending the ‘wars’ with AEW Dynamite after the new kids on the block proved to be far more successful in the all-important eyes of advertisers.

For now, however, it remains to be seen what the two pieces of news Regal will drop on this week’s show will be.

UPDATE: It appears there is a rumour picking up pace on social media that one of the announcements will be akin to the time NXT confirmed a Takeover earlier this year would bring back the In Your House theme – only this time, the suggestion is that it could be Halloween Havoc!

Havoc was a staple of the WCW PPV calendar for over a decade, standing out as one of their better creative efforts thanks to the majority’s love for Halloween and just how much they often committed to the concept with fancy dress, ridiculous mini-movies and amazing production sets (and, as the tweet references, going off-air during a DDP-Goldberg main event).

To see WWE’s take on a Havoc – finally – could be something else. However it’s worth remembering that at this stage, this is merely speculation. And us at Hooked On crossing our fingers and squealing “pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease”.

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