Tony Khan ‘Bans’ Hulk Hogan & His Ex-Wife From AEW Events

Tony Khan

One thing AEW have been extremely consistent and clear about in their short history is their keenness to set out a clear code of ethics that the company will live by.

It’s a very commendable stance and one that has already come to the fore once this week with the news that management had removed the appearance of a non-contracted talent from this week’s episode of AEW Dark after the emergence of racist and homophobic tweets from their recent past.

Amidst yesterday’s global #BlackoutTuesday social media movement, Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife Linda took to Twitter to post a (Since deleted) tweet referencing the action taken in communities across America since the sickening murdered of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

This tweet was met by a swift response from AEW owner Khan who also referenced Linda’s ex-husband in his reply:

Presumably, Khan’s seeming banning of Hulk Hogan is in reference to the recordings released in 2015 that captured Hogan in a private setting making a number of racially derogatory remarks. These remarks led to his departure from WWE and all references to Hogan, including his Hall of Fame entry, being erased.

Hogan returned to the promotion last year and remains under contract with the company. Therefore, he would of course be contractually unable to attend an AEW event, meaning any ban would be symbolic in nature.

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