Spoiler: Title Change Takes Place On WWE SmackDown

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In the main event of last night’s Friday Night Smackdown, the team of Bayley & Sasha Banks defeated Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross to become new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

The win means that Banks & Bayley are now two-time champions. They were the very first team to hold the titles after winning them at the Elimination Chamber PPV in January 2019.

Photo Credit: WWE

That being said, their win this time comes under slightly different circumstances. Back then they were a babyface duo and very much a cohesive unit.

This win is clearly part of a wider angle that is leading towards a split leaving Bayley as a heel and Sasha Banks as her babyface adversary. All credit to WWE, the angle has been slow burning since before WrestleMania and has been extremely well done with tensions ramping up believably and slowly.

It feels like that patience will be rewarded with a well received turn when it happens.

The finish of this match played perfectly into that narrative. Banks seemingly had the match won for the duo with a Banks Statement on Cross. The WWE Women’s champion couldn’t resist the personal glory and literally pulled her own partner off their opponent after a blind tag to apply a submission hold of her own. After this was reversed, a visibly frustrated Banks forcibly tagged back in and ultimately picked up the win by pinfall

The match saw a clear escalation in the growing tensions between the two and it will be very interesting to see how the duo interact in the aftermath of the win.

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