Timothy Thatcher Defeats Matt Riddle in Pit Fight. Original Bro’s Last NXT Match?

NXT Pit Fight
Photo Credit: WWE

Surely we have not been alone in being blown away by the sheer competence NXT’s creative team have shown booking Timothy Thatcher on the brand so far?

The man is a no-nonsense, brutal throwback of a wrestler and that’s just what we are seeing. In fact, so sick was he of his temporary partner Matt Riddle’s silly shenanigans that he cost the duo the NXT Tag Team Titles last week leading to a challenge of a cage match last night.

But what we got on NXT this week was no ordinary cage match. It was billed as the first ever ‘NXT Fight Pit’ to be refereed by WWE Hall Of Famer, Kurt Angle.

The set up was legit. A unique cage structure featuring scaffolding and platforms surrounding it, this certainly looked like a stage for two fighters to engage in a brutal fight.

In fact, as far as we are aware, this is the first wrestling match to take place in a WWE ring without any ring ropes!

The match itself was indeed as brutal as expected with Thatcher picking up the win by referee stoppage in what is expected to be Riddle’s last match in NXT before he heads to Smackdown this week.

At this point, after just a handful of weeks on the brand, Thatcher is a made man and a bonafide main-eventer on NXT already. Whilst many of us worried that Thatcher may be too much of an out and out wrestler to succeed in WWE, it seems we have already been proved wrong.

In fact, NXT have done a truly wonderful job of reigniting the top of their cards with fresh blood in recent weeks. As well as Thatcher, Karrion Kross has also debuted to strong acclaim and been thrust into a top spot on the card. He will face Tomasso Ciampa on next week’s NXT Takeover: In Your House.

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