The Young Bucks: Why They’re Using A New Finisher & When They’ll Retire

The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks are part of a crowded AEW tag team division.

This means they have to keep up their high-octane style in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Matt and Nick Jackson recently joined Dave Penzer’s Sitting Ringside podcast, and talked about why they feel they can still keep this style up today.

Matt Jackson: I remember when we were first breaking in, a couple of years in we had this self-destructive style that we still do to this day. People told us, ‘You’re never gonna last. You’re never gonna be able to do more than a couple more years.’ You fast forward and we’re almost into our 17th year in the business doing the same exact style. We clearly know what we’re doing, we know our limitations.

We get it. We know our bodies, and we’re working smarter. Hopefully we can do it as long as we want, and we get to quit doing this when we want to quit doing this, not because we’re forced out of it.

So when do they actually plan to call it a day?

According to Nick there has always been a plan in place, although he wouldn’t be surprised if they kept going a bit longer.

Nick Jackson: We talk about this quite often and when we were at 10 years ago – that was like two or three years ago. So, if we did the math and we’re still going by that, I think maybe seven more years.

But who knows. It’s hard to say, you know how this business is. It’s impossible to say no to things. If I could do 7-10 more years at this rate and do the matches I’m doing now, and if I’m feeling the same way I’m feeling now, I could easily do it.

Whilst they’re still keeping their style the same, there are some smart changes they have had to make.

They’ve phased out use of the Meltzer Driver, now using a finisher which causes less stress on their own bodies.

Matt Jackson: We’ve even started to simplify things like working on a new finisher that’s grounded based where we throw two knees instead of Nick having to springboard and flip onto his butt every night doing the Meltzer Driver.

We’re to the [Michael] Jordan phase of our career where we’re not just slam dunking anymore, we’re doing the fadeaway jumpers.

With thanks to 411 Mania for the transcription.

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