The Undertaker Reveals Which Superstar Surprised Him The Most

The Undertaker
Photo Credit: WWE

In the run up to the fourth episode of ‘The Last Ride’ dropping on the WWE Network, The Undertaker conducted an interview with LinkedIn legend Gary Vaynerchuck.

During the extensive interview, Vaynerchuck asked which wrestler had surprised him the most across his 30 year WWE career. Undertaker had no hesitation in replying:

“It’s easy, it’s really easy, the biggest star in the world, The Rock. He came into Madison Square Garden with the name Rocky Maivia and oh my gosh was it awful, they handcuffed him right out of the get go.”

Madison Square Garden, long thought to be the homebase of WWE has a reputation for chewing up and spitting out any superstars that don’t meet their approval. That night, according to ‘Taker, they let Rocky know what they thought of the smiling, hand-slappingthird-generation superstar:

Photo Credit: WWE

“The Garden is merciless and they just lit him up. I had no clue how charismatic he was and I just thought it was such a shame and that he wouldn’t be here long.”

We all know now that of course, that didn’t come to pass. After a spectacular failure of a babyface run, Maivia turned heel, joined The Nation Of Domination and re-christened himself The Rock. The rest is pie-eating, movie making, ass-kicking, money-making history.

“It didn’t take long for him, once he got to the Nation of Domination, it flipped. By the time he was at the end of his run with them I knew he wasn’t going to be with them for long. You could just tell he was destined for success.”

Destined for success he was. It didn’t take long for The Rock to eclipse almost everyone that came before him in wrestling history.

Thank you to Wrestling Inc for the quote transcriptions.

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