The Rock Drops Strong Hint About Match At WWE WrestleMania 37

The Rock At Wrestlemania
Credit: WWE

The Rock recently gave an interview on his YouTube channel where he spoke about various subjects including his movies, his Tequila and who he would face if he stepped back into the ring at WrestleMania.

We haven’t seen the Rock at ‘Mania since his appearance in Dallas at WrestleMania 32 when he defeated Erick Rowan in an impromptu 4 second match. On the possibility of wrestling again on the ‘grandest stage of them all’ he said:

“You know, you and I have talked about this and it’s so funny how a lot of people always say, ‘Well if you know if you ever to go back to WrestleMania, who would be the opponent that you would face?’ It feels like the one that would make sense, right, would be Roman.

The Rock then joked about the discussions on who would be booked to win both the match and a possible rematch, which would be music to the ears of wrestling fans. He closed by saying:

“I would be honoured to not only share the ring with Roman and to go back to the WWE, but of course I would be honoured to have him raise his hand on that one,”

The Rock has not been involved in ‘proper’ match at ‘The Showcase Of The Immortals’ since Wrestlemania 29 and although he is in fantastic shape, at the age 48, time is running out to see The Great One in action again.

Putting aside the huge coronavirus elephant in the room for a second, we seem to have all the ingredients in place for this particular wrestle-cake to be baked. The show will be in Rock’s home from home, Los Angeles, The new state of the art 100k seater SoFi Stadium will (hopefully) be the venue and a badass heel Roman is just starting to heat up.

After all we’ve been through in 2020 surely, we deserve this in 2021.

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