The Miz Reveals Details Of Game Show Created With WWE Studios

The Miz
Photo: WWE

The Miz has confirmed that he is working in conjunction with WWE Studios to create a new game show.

The show will be called Brawl In The Family, and The Miz gave details of the planning process during a recent edition of The Virtual Equity Lounge.

It would seem it’s something that both members of ‘The It Couple’ talked about, with Maryse being the one to keep on about it until The Miz took the plunge.

I’ll never forget my wife and I talking. And we were like, ‘Man, we need to start getting more stuff out there.’ I feel like this is the time to really do something.’ My wife kept harping on it, harping on it. And you know, we sat down one day and we just created a game show.

The Miz is quick to commend the efforts being made by WWE Studios towards the projects.

He specifically commends their eye for detail in helping them create a sizzle reel for the show.

We called [WWE Studios’] Susan [Levison] and said, ‘What do you think of this?’ And she was like, ‘Not only is this good, let me put you in contact with people who can fine tune it.’ And this is what WWE pays close attention to, and it’s the details. The details in making something a success. And that’s exactly what Susan did. She put us in the virtual room with the right people. And we were able to tell what we thought the game show should be, develop the game show, and now we have a deck. Now we have a sizzle [reel] that we look at and we go, ‘This is something that needs to be on television.’

As with everything The Miz does, he seems to have supreme confidence in the concept, claiming “this is going to be something that will change the landscape of game shows, period”.

With thanks to 411 Mania for the transcription.

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