The Miz: “I’ve Been Prepared For This Since I Lost My WWE Championship”

The Miz
Credit: WWE

WWE fans are still reeling from the fallout of last month’s Elimination Chamber, where after a brutal main event Drew McIntyre lost his WWE Championship to The Miz via the A-lister’s latest Money In The Bank cash-in. Tonight, on Monday Night Raw in a PPV-worthy main event, Miz will put that title on the line against Bobby Lashley, but while his latest title run may have raised some eyebrows it’s something the forty-year-old has been preparing for since he dropped the belt in 2011.

“I’m always prepared, and I prepare for opportunities that aren’t even there yet,” the WWE Champion told us during a recent media call.

There wasn’t an opportunity for me at Elimination Chamber, but because I was prepared for one, I made one happen. I get asked a lot; ‘What would you tell young Mike to do?’ or ‘What would you tell yourself twenty years ago?’ and I would say keep doing exactly what you’re doing. Listen, learn, and absorb what people are telling you and then go out there and do it. Then make sure you get all the tools you could possibly need to prepare yourself. This is why I was prepared to be WWE Champion again and hopefully people will hear this and see what I’ve done and that will help them as well.

If The Miz does manage to get through Bobby Lashley tonight, then there’s the potential spot in the main event of WrestleMania on the horizon, with a plethora of opponents all vying to challenge the first-ever two-time Grand Slam champion. Yet Miz will do what he thinks is best for the WWE Championship.

I am all about trying to figure out what is best for the WWE Championship and sometimes the WWE Universe doesn’t know what’s best for them. This isn’t the WWE Championship open challenge, not just anybody can hold this title. Can Drew McIntyre? Yes, he’s done it. Can Brock Lesnar? Yes, he’s done it. Can Bobby Lashley? We’ll see. I’m prepared to take on whoever it is at WrestleMania, but they need to earn it. We love not knowing what’s going to happen and I’m going to throw wrenches in all over the place. You just need to watch.

One man who fans have suggested throwing in the mix is Miz’s long term partner in crime John Morrison. Since returning to WWE in 2019, Morrison has been by the Cleveland native’s side and singles title shots have been hard to come by. Therefore, could we see John Morrison given a title shot, some would say is long overdue?

I’d really like to give John Morrison a chance at the WWE Championship. He’s so talented and I feel like he’s earned it. There’s no one who can elevate me both inside and outside the ring and he’s like a brother to me – I really think he deserves that spot. I want to make sure when I have a match, I want to make sure it’s against someone who’s ready and I think John would be ready.

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