The Last Ride Episode 4 – The Sensational Undertaker Documentary Returns!

The Undertaker
Photo Credit: WWE

If you are anything like us, you have been counting down the long days of the three week gap between the last episode of ‘The Last Ride’ and the fourth episode that drops on Sunday at 3PM UK time.

We have an exclusive preview clip courtesy of WWE. Check it out at the bottom of the page.

This episode focuses on ‘Taker’s infamously bad match with Goldberg in Saudi Arabia last year. We will see an insight into The Deadman’s mindset in the aftermath of the match that saw him come close to serious injury from a botched Jackhammer.

The episode will also explore Taker’s unparalleled protection of his character that means even long time colleagues feel they know the character more than they know Mark Calaway himself.

Mick Foley appears in this episode and says of his relationship with The Undertaker:

“We all treat that character with such reverence. I don’t even call him Mark anymore. I haven’t called him Mark in 20 years. I’d say it’s safe to say I know less about him as a human being now than I did 28 years ago, and I like it that way,”

The final episode of this spectacular series will premiere on Sunday July 21st and according to Undertaker in a recent interview with CBS Sports, the final episode of the documentary has not yet been completed which adds fuel to the fire that the documentary might end with a major revelation about Calaway’s wrestling future.

This series is must watch for any wrestling fan. If you haven’t yet devoured it, the first three episodes can be viewed now, exclusively on the WWE Network.

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