‘The Big Show Show’ To Air Finale As Christmas Special This December

The Big Show Show

Earlier this year, The Big Show Show was cancelled by Netflix after just one series, however there is now set to at least be one more hurrah for the show.

A Christmas special was filmed and in the can before the cancellation, and it is now set for release on 9th December. The plot for the episode reads:

When Big Show gets injured Casey has to fill his big shoes in the hopes of winning the neighbourhood Christmas competition. Meanwhile JJ, Mandy and Lola are sent on a scavenger hunt for presents only to discover spending time together might be the best gift of all.

According to reports at the time of the series’ cancellation, this episode is a standalone show and will not continue or close any storylines.

There is no word at this stage whether WWE will attempt to ship the series out to another platform, or bring it in house on the WWE Network.

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