Symphony Of Destruction Match Ends The Hardy/Elias Feud

Jeff Hardy vs Elias
Credit: WWE

This week on RAW saw Jeff Hardy take on Elias in a Symphony of Destruction match which, according to commentator Tom Phillips, will end their rivalry.

If you’ve not seen this gimmick before it’s basically a weapons match but all the weapons are musical instruments. During the match Hardy was sent face first into a piano which then opened to reveal the 24/7 champion R-Truth hiding inside.

Putting their match aside for a few moments, Hardy and Elias then took out the usual bunch of invading wrestlers aiming for R-Truth’s belt with both Drew Gulak and Lince Dorado taking guitars to their respective backs.

Back in the ring Elias placed a bunch of guitar picks between his fingers Wolverine-style and punched Hardy in the side of the face and then on his head. Hardy was then sent face first into a drum at ringside before managing to avoid Elias and causing him to crash into a gong.

A few minutes, and moves, later Elias tried to hit Hardy with part of a broken guitar but Hardy moved and Elias pierced a speaker before getting ‘electrocuted’

Hardy managed to rally back and pick up the win after a huge Swanton Bomb from the ring post, through a table set up at ringside.

Surely after such an intense and hard hitting match the ring bell signalling the win was music to Jeff’s ears. (You knew it was coming.)

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