Stipulation Added To Intercontinental Title Match At WWE Clash Of Champions

Clash Of Champions 2020 - AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Sami Zayn

This past SmackDown, current Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy added a tantalising stipulation to the triple threat match for the IC title taking place at the upcoming PPV, Clash Of Champions.

After attacking both AJ Styles and Sami Zayn with a ladder following their match on the show, Hardy announced that the trio would decide who is the one true champion in a ladder match.

Hardy won the championship from Styles, who won it in a tournament when it was vacated. Zayn, who was stripped of the title, maintains he is still the rightful champion.

A ladder match was the obvious choice for the former Brother Nero, who made his name in ladder matches in the 2000s, and adds a chaotic twist to what was already a well hyped match-up.

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