SPOILER: Name Of MJF’s New Stable Confirmed On Next Week’s AEW Dynamite

Wardlow, MJF, FTR, Tully Blanchard & Shawn Spears

We’re giving you fair warning at the start of this item, there will be spoilers surrounding next week’s AEW Dynamite, and in particular MJF’s new stable.

The shocking end to last week’s Dynamite saw MJF turn on The Inner Circle, instead aligning himself with FTR, Shawn Spears and Tully Blanchard.

According to Reddit user SpaceForce1, who has a very good track record when it comes to taped episodes of Dynamite, the new faction host a segment on next week’s show to introduce themselves.

His report claims the new stable will be known as The Pinnacle. His full report of the segment is as follows:

MJF hits the ring with his new crew and Tully is first on the mic. He runs down exactly how all of the Inner Circle members got destroyed last week. He says the group he surrounds himself with is at the pinnacle of the industry. He was with the greatest group in wrestling history years ago, and he plans on retiring as a part of the greatest group in wrestling history today. MJF takes the mic and says that he’s Judas now. He says it wasn’t easy pretending to like Jericho all that time and makes fun of Jericho’s separated pecs. He says he laughed at all of Jericho’s jokes and tolerated all the nonsense while he plucked the Inner Circle like feathers. He says his entire plan was to make everyone think he was trying to take over the Inner Circle so that no one would notice that he was putting together his own group. The plan was always to destroy the Inner Circle and replace it with a better group. He christens the group “The Pinnacle” and hypes each member, including calling FTR the only grand slam tag champions in wrestling history and the best tag team in the world. He talks himself up and calls himself a fine wine, saying that it makes everyone at home want to punch through their screens at how good he is. He reminds everyone that he’s only 24 and that he’s got at least 25 years left in the business. He again reminds us that the group is called The Pinnacle. He says they’re going to take all of the gold and ends with a message directly to Jericho – “I’m better than you, and you know it”.

Apparently this won’t be the only reason to watch next Wednesday night, as he also claims that Britt Baker vs Thunder Rosa is a must-watch match, including “some truly insane spots”. He also doesn’t give the result, so we’ll have to wait and watch!

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