Shawn Michaels Talks Scottish Wrestlers & Learning The Accent For NXT UK

Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels has been heavily involved in producing NXT UK, even whilst based on the other side of the pond during the pandemic.

During an interview for BBC Scotland’s The Social Facebook page, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ has discussed how he sees Drew McIntyre as part of his circle and proud of what he’s done in the last year, and also named some of his favourite Scottish wrestlers in NXT UK.

For me, I’m there at the PC and we have international talent coming from all over the world, and for me once I start working with my groups and you get very close to these people. They are very important to you, you establish relationships. Drew was one of those guys. Of course we have so many Scottish talents now. I get to work with them over in NXT UK and it’s just a blast. I will say this, I’m very partial to Gallus, those boys know I love them. “Gallus Boys On Top!”, and Kay Lee Ray.

He also commented that he occasionally has to make sure he’s understanding the Scottish accent properly.

Oh yeah, you bet! Numerous times both Kay Lee and Joe Coffey I’m like “what did you just say?” I said “you’ve got to slow down. I’m a redneck from Texas, slow down for me.

Whilst producing NXT UK from America, Michaels has been able to talk to the talent and seemingly can talk to the whole arena if he wants.

He jokingly referred to this as the “voice of God”, but also credited everyone for making things work during the pandemic.

At first it was pretty challenging. Thankfully, we can still do it in this environment. It’s just a little bit more challenging. And yeah, sometimes the only way to do it is to hit the little switch and to call the “voice of God”!

You can see the full interview below.

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