Second NXT Show Already Filming? Show Name And Producers Rumoured


It was reported a couple of months back that a new NXT show was in the works.

Now it would appear that production has already started, with some content already filmed.

According to Fightful Select, the new show is pencilled in to be called NXT EVOLVE.

Given the show name, it is no surprise that Gabe Sapolsky who owned the now dissolved EVOLVE promotion is seemingly heavily involved in production.

The report claims he is working alongiside Jeremy Borash, who has been behind a number of WWE’s cinematic matches and was a key player in Impact Wrestling in the past.

A title belt and graphics have seemingly also been produced with the NXT EVOLVE branding – although that could always change.

If the show really is ‘nothing like anything else’ WWE has done as is claimed, it certainly could be a good spark for the wrestling industry and cross borders in to other markets.

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