Rusev Reveals New Ring Name

Despite being one of the most popular superstars on the roster, Rusev was one of a raft of names released in April due to WWE’s ongoing push to cut costs amidst the global Coronavirus pandemic.

With his 90 day no-compete clause due to expire in mid-July, we should see him back on our screens in a matter of weeks.

Thought by many to be the cream of the names released, he will surely have been fielding a number of offers since the release.

Ahead of his impending return to TV, the artist formerly known as Rusev has revealed the name he will be using in future in-ring appearances.

The reveal came on a video on his wife Lana/CJ Perry’s YouTube channel. And that name is…


The name is a shortened version of his real name, Miroslav Barnyashev.

Whilst it might feel unusual for fans (and journalists) for now, let’s hope that the new name marks a new level of success for the Bulgarian grappler.

Happy Miro Day everyone!

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