Rumour: WWE Get Ben Carter? Has Rookie Sensation Been Poached By WWE?

Ben Carter
Credit: Warrior Wrestling

Over the last few months, Ben Carter has been earning rave reviews for his work in AEW to the point that he has become the hottest young free agent in wrestling and it now looks like WWE have made a move to sign the star-in-waiting who only made his official debut in April 2019.

It was assumed a formality that Carter would sign with AEW where he has risen to prominence. Instead, according to AEW superstar Miro, WWE have snapped him up.

Talking to subscribers on Twitch, Miro revealed the following:

“I know, I know. But, we lost Ben Carter. Ben Carter is lost. He’s gone to the dark side. We can’t. We can’t. I mean good luck to Ben Carter. All the best to him. I was really impressed with his stuff.”

The British star was born on the island of Jersey and trained at Seth Rollins’ Black and Brave Wrestling Academy so it is easy to see how WWE could make in-roads to the youngster.

Carter himself recently revealed that he hasn’t been able to take payment for his AEW appearances due to his visa status in the USA. It would therefore make sense for Carter to work on WWE’s NXT UK brand that could certainly make use of a young, exciting homegrown babyface.

Watch this space for official confirmation.

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