Roman Reigns Image During Money In The Bank Trends On Social Media

Roman Reigns
Photo: WWE

First of all, spoiler alert: Roman Reigns did not actually show up during WWE’s Money in the Bank PPV last night.

And of course he didn’t: Roman has already stated that he won’t be around during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

However, a clever piece of subtle background prop placement by WWE had his name all over Twitter and other channels during the Network special’s ‘Climb The Corporate Ladder’ main event.

It also provided perhaps a serious hint that Reigns is not in the company’s doghouse, contrary to the belief of some.

The whole thing was subtle enough, as AJ Styles walked down a hallway at WWE HQ during the simultaneous men’s and women’s briefcase chases:

The camera lingered on the poster on the wall long enough to spark plenty of chatter about his current status, given that WWE has strangely gone to the trouble of editing him out of video packages.

Reigns recently spoke on his absence, telling TMZ that his primary reason for distancing is the recent birth of his twin sons and their health and safety.

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