Ridge Holland Talks About His NXT Injury, Recovery, And His Wrestling Persona

Ridge Holland
Credit: WWE

NXT Superstar and proud Yorkshireman Ridge Holland recently spoke with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT about his freak injuries sustained in October last year.

The injury occurred after Holland defeated Danny Burch in a singles match on NXT. Holland, then on the outside, was trying to catch Oney Lorcan who dove over the ropes, but as he did his left leg buckled and he went down to the floor.

“Pretty freak incident,” Holland said. “On my left leg I fractured and dislocated my ankle and then on my right leg, I dislocated the kneecap and ruptured my patella tendons. Kind of a buy one get one free on injuries! But, it’s coming on well. The WWE medical staff are top notch and they’ve got me well on the road to recovery.”

The knee dislocation was put back into place at ringside before Holland was taken out of the ringside area on a stretcher. The announce team said that his ankle was put back into place at the emergency room. He had high praise for the attention he received in the aftermath of the incident.

“They were all very concerned and just wanted the best for me. “They made sure I got the best medical care and reassured me that everything is going to be fine. From my personal standpoint, mentally, as soon that happened and I was on the stretcher I was already thinking about ‘OK, let’s get ready to come back. What can I do to get back and be better than ever? Everyone was really helpful from the doctors to the trainers to Triple H. It’s just a really good support system and it’s nice to know people care.”

The former Rugby League player was also asked about when he thinks he’ll be back in action and what his plans are for 2021:.

“It’s early days yet, but the doctor has said six to nine months, so I’m just taking it day-by-day and see how the knee and ankle feels. If I look too far in the future I’ll probably take my focus on what needs to be done today. So yeah, we’ll see how it goes. 2020 was bitter sweet. Just as I was showing everyone who Ridge Holland was, and letting them know what Yorkshire grit was all about, this injury happened. My hopes for 2021 are just to get back, bigger and better then 2020 and take it from there.”

Holland, real name Luke Menzies, went on to talk about his Yorkshire roots that he incorporates in to his WWE character.

“Ridge Holland is just an extension of me. He keeps himself to himself, likes to be physical when the time is right and doesn’t mind causing a bit of bother if the mood takes him. The hat he wears is an homage to Yorkshire heritage and the hardworking fellas that Yorkshire is synonymous with.

“I dish out my own version of Northern/Yorkshire grit in the squared circle. There’s a slight Peaky Blinders influence along with a dash of Jack the Ripper and Bill Sykes from Oliver.

“I’m immensely proud of my Yorkshire roots, my boots have ‘Made in Yorkshire’ stitched into the back of them. Sometimes people in the States can’t understand me and don’t get my sense of humour but that’s tough. It’s me and I can’t change my spots.”

We’re hoping Holland has a speedy recovery and just goes to show, you can never keep a Yorkshireman down!

h/t to Telegraph and Argus and talkSPORT for the transcript

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