Ric Flair: “Randy Orton Is The Best There Is…But I Was The Best There Was”

Ric Flair
Photo Credit: WWE

Ahead of ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Of All Time’ at WWE Backlash this weekend, Ric Flair took part in a media call to share his opinions on the two competitors in the match as well as shed some lights on his current favourites and the greatest matches of his career.

Flair had high praise for both guys and talked glowingly about working with Edge in the twilight of his career. He said:

“I did see Edge breaking off (From Christian) sooner or later. When you’ve been in the business as long as I have, you can tell. He needed to be a featured star.”

When talking about his ladder match with Edge he continued:

“He had a match with a ladder that I was in! I just told Edge, ‘If you want me to push you off the ladder, you place the ladder because I have no idea where its got to be'”

However he reserved his biggest praise for Orton. Talking about first impressions of The Viper he said:

“You could tell Randy was a star the day I met him. He had that look that comes along once in a lifetime. Incredibly handsome, big physique. That’s what he was meant to be. You could see right away he was going to be a star. He had money written all over him.”

When talking about Orton’s position among the current roster he said:

“When Randy feels like it, he’s the best there is. Lately, he’s been feeling it.”

As highly as Flair rates, Orton, he feels he and one of his most famous dance partners may be the best of all time. When talking about the greatest matches of his career Flair said:

Photo Credit: WWE

“It takes two very strong, very high profile personalities that really understand where they are with each other and without each other. It’s music, it’s chemistry…For me it was Dusty Rhodes, Ricky Steamboat, Sting. With Steamboat, it was magic.

“Ricky Steamboat is the best good guy wrestler ever and will be until someone comes along that I haven’t seen yet. And at that time, there was nobody that could carry my jock in the role that I was in. I don’t know if there is now!”

It’s pretty hard to disagree with that statement!

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