Rey Mysterio On When He Will Retire From The Ring

Dominik & Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio sat down with DAZN’s Steven Muehlhausen on Friday to discuss this weekend’s Royal Rumble (as a former winner himself, in 2006), as well as watching his son Dominik compete these days and when he will call time on his own career.

On the topic of retirement, Mysterio had some thought-provoking words:

I’ve learned how to enjoy the moments. With the contract being signed recently, I’m enjoying this moment right now and getting to share the ring with my son, getting to mentor him, and getting to see his growth. So that way, when I do decide to leave, I can leave comfortably, joyful (in) that I was able to share moments with my son in the ring.

With that being said, I just take it like you said, day by day, year by year. Eventually, father time will let me know when my time is right. When that time comes, we’ll make sure that I’m not going to fight it.

I’ve seen The Undertaker. I’ve seen other sports athletes want to keep going. I just saw the Tiger Woods documentary. You think about it. Those are moments that really make you think like, ‘I don’t want to fall in that category’. I just want to make sure that when I do leave, I can leave walking and still enjoy my life with my wife and my grandsons when they do come.

So, while there’s no set date in Rey’s mind, it’s clear that he has one eye on when that ‘perfect moment’ will be to hang up that famous mask for good.

Read the rest of DAZN’s interview with Rey here.

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