RETRIBUTION Members Unmasked And Given New Names on WWE Raw


Raw opened this week with the ‘breaking news’ that the RETRIBUTION faction had been given contracts to compete on Raw that gave them the licence to do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

We’re no contract experts at Hooked On Wrestling but that sounds rather vague to us…

In their first official act as contracted talent, the group came to the ring and cut a promo, took of their ski masks to reveal masks that looked like they had been rejected by Slipknot and revealed the name of three of their number.

Dominic Dijokovic is now officially T-BAR, Shane Thorne is SLAPJACK and Dio Maddin is MACE.

No names have yet been revealed for Mia Yim or Mercedes Martinez.

At the end of the show, the three male members took on MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin of The Hurt Business…and lost cleanly.

After the match, another ten or so masked members came out to attack their opponents before being run off by the Raw roster led by Drew McIntyre.

So have these extra guys got contracts too? Or just those with the fancy masks?

Whilst we make a point of not adding comment into the news, there are exceptions to every rule.

Every single aspect of this faction’s introduction has been riddled with contradictions, plot holes and woeful ‘action’. If there has been a worse faction introduction, we can’t remember it.

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