RETRIBUTION Grant Immunity To Another WWE Legend


While being interviewed to promote the upcoming film ‘Cagefighter: World’s Collide’ WWE legend Christian got on to the topic of RETRIBUTION and his thoughts on Mustafa Ali being revealed as the leader of the group.

I think that he’s got a lot of untapped potential. We haven’t really had a chance to see any layers of his personality, I don’t think. And I think that there’s a lot there.

Talking on the show to host Dave LaGreca and Bully (Bubba) Ray, Christian continued by saying:

I’m interested to see how that unfolds and how he builds on it. He’s got an opportunity. That’s what you know everybody needs, that opportunity to show what they can do and he’s got it now.

These comments didn’t go unnoticed by RETRIBUTION. T-Bar took to Twitter to say that Christian was safe.

This brings the total number of wrestlers marked safe from RETRIBUTION by T-Bar to a total of three as last month T-Bar announced that both Booker T and X-Pac were granted immunity due to both of their in-ring names.

The full episode of the Busted Open podcast can be found here and the Christian interview starts around the 23 minute mark.

With thanks to eWrestlingNews for the transcription.

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