Retribution Explodes During WWE Fastlane Kick-Off Show


The United States Championship match at WWE Fastlane ended up taking place on the kick-off show.

Riddle was able to retain the title over Mustafa Ali, but this wasn’t the full story of what went on.

Ali was constantly turning to Retribution during the match, making sure they were watching what they were doing.

After the loss all members got in the ring, and left one by one after Ali got in their faces.

When it was down to just Ali, Mace and T-Bar, Ali was given a dramatic statement from the other pair.

It looks like that could be the end of Retribution, or at least with Ali as leader.

T-Bar has since taken to Twitter to comment that “you get what you deserve”.

It’s been a short-lived run for Retribution given the fanfare the group came in with, and many would say that there are a lot of missed steps in the evolution of the stable.

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