Report: WWE Live Events Cancelled Until 2022

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At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, WWE obviously put a halt to their programme of live, non-televised events (Traditionally known as house shows) indefinitely.

A post from the ever-reliable WrestleVotes Twitter account suggests that these events will be off the table until 2022.

If there is truth to this rumour, it would in no way register as a shock. It is thought that these live events have been mostly unprofitable in recent years and WWE had already been scaling them back. Even before the world ground to a halt, rumours suggested WWE were considering bringing the curtain down on the traditional weekly schedule.

Credit: WWE

It is fair to speculate that when they return, WWE’s non-televised shows will move to a more selective model with self contained shows and tours in specific key markets on certain dates during the year. It would be fairly easy to assume that international tours, such as the UK tour, will still take place on a regular basis.

Don’t expect any formal announcement on these plans from WWE, although it is likely to be addressed on a quarterly shareholders meeting in the future.

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