Report: WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle Set To Sign New Deal…It’s True, It’s True

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Credit: WWE

According to a report from, WWE are looking to offer a new contract to recently released Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle.

Along with a number of other on and off screen personnel, Angle was released from his contract as part of WWE’s economic response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent halt to any events with a live crowd in attendance.

Kurt Angle

However, with WWE and the wider sporting and entertainment world increasing looking toward the other end of the pandemic and getting back to a degree of normality, thoughts have turned to which of the released talents and furloughed employees they will bring back.

According to this report, Angle will be amongst the first of those. Notably, the Olympic gold medalist was used extensively on WWE TV this week. He acted as special guest referee for the unique ‘Fight Pit’ match on NXT between Timothy Thatcher and Matt Riddle. Following that, he appeared on Smackdown via pre-taped vignette to introduce Riddle as a full time member of the Smackdown roster.

As with any reports of this nature, it may well be solely based on Angle’s appearances on TV with someone jumping to conclusions in writing a report based solely on that fact.

However, clearly all the releases WWE made will not be permanent. Some will be reversed as economic conditions ease. With Angle and WWE working together this week, as well as the kudos AEW could receive by working with Angle, it makes a lot of sense to bring him back into the fold.

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